In 1992, Martin Marquez decided to form his own dance group with the purpose of promoting Mexican culture and folklore in the United States of America.  The experience he had acquired as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer at Ballet Folklorico de las Americas and Ballet Folklorico Macuilxochitl motivated him to start a traditional Mexican folklore group called Ballet Foklorico Citlali (“BFC”). BFC is a non- profit organization formed to promote and preserve the culture and spirit of Mexico and spread the pride and talent among the community.  In a short span, the BFC earned modest fame and recognition throughout the Salt Lake valley receiving requests from school districts, cities and counties to perform at official functions and events.
The future cannot be envisioned without the pageantry that BFC brings to Mexican folkloric dance on the stage.  BFC’s longevity is no secret, in its early years dedicated dancers, staff and family members worked with the company to pull resources and create only top quality productions regardless if it was at a wedding or a professional stage.  The successful 18 year trajectory the BFC enjoys continues to be greatly due to the continual hard work of dancers, their family members, volunteers and its audiences, and music.
The BFC also performed as part of the official program for the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics. After a successful Olympic performance, BFC accomplished its first tour to Europe in an effort to keep presenting the best of the Mexican culture to various countries through dance. This tour took the BFC to Spain, Italy, and Portugal. The company draws on traditional dance, music and songs as tools for cultural transmission.  Since its founding, the BFC has educated and provided performing opportunities to many people.
The BFC has worked toward developing partnerships with American and Hispanic communities, in addition to promoting Mexican culture and history through dance and music.  As one of the oldest Mexican dance companies in Utah, the BFC has a reputation for excellence of Mexican performing art in Utah.